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Direct Patient Care

“Compassionate, affordable healthcare. A clinic where you belong"

The Benefits of Membership

  • Personal thorough, comprehensive care

  • Extended visits

  • Medical Lifestyle & Wellness Consulting

  • Preventative care

  • Open communication with your provider

  • Chronic care/ Disease management

  • Discounted medications

Introductory Membership Fees


Annual Registration Fee: 

$75 for individual patient

$150 for couple or household


  • Ages 12-18           $60 monthly

  • Ages  18-59          $80 monthly

  • Ages 60+              $95 monthly

No contract. No co-pays. No additional fees.

Your cost is the same whether you see us once a year or once a month.

Redbud Health Service’s mission is to deliver personalized medical care with the goal of PRESERVING HEALTH vs retrieving health. Unfettered by time constraints, our providers care both for and about each of their patients as they would members of their own family.

Our goals are:

• To provide medical care that keeps pace with best-practice clinical guidelines and the cutting edge of medical research

• To deliver the quality of customer service that they would want for themselves

• To gather complete medical histories, perform thorough physical exams, think through challenging diagnostic dilemmas, and search the medical literature to find answers when answers aren’t immediately obvious

• To explain their thinking clearly enough for you to understand it precisely

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Tammie Riess ANP-BC, CBDCE

Don't want to become Member?

No Worries, We have a per appointment price of $125.00. 

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